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25 years of experience as a trial lawyer committed to assertive and competent representation.

Keith Faulkner is a seasoned lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, who is committed to providing professional, dedicated, and affordable legal advice and assistance to his clients.

Keith’s commitment to excellence since opening his practice in 1991 has earned him the Martindale-Hubbell, “Distinguished” rating for high professional achievement and high ethical standards.

Keith and his competent legal staff look forward to meeting with you to evaluate your legal matter and helping you plan an effective strategy to reach a resolution.

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The practice of B. Keith Faulkner P.A. offers professional legal representation for family, criminal law and personal injury law.

“To help you start the process the first consultation is always free. I look forward to meeting with you to assess your situation and planning an effective legal strategy."

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To obtain a divorce, the Plaintiff must have both residency in this state and grounds for divorce as set forth in the statutory law of Arkansas. Further, residency and grounds must be corroborated. If the Plaintiff proves entitlement to a divorce, then the court will divide assets and debts in a fair and equitable manner; will award custody of children and set a visitation schedule; will set child support and make other Orders relative to the children; and when appropriate, will Order spousal support.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a Divorce case.


When a child is born out of wedlock, the law deems the child to be an illegitimate child and the father a putative father. In Order to legitimize the birth of the child and identify the father, a court Order establishing paternity is necessary. This requires a lawsuit seeking to establish paternity to be filed. Such a suit can be filed by the mother, by the putative father, or by the Office of Child Support Enforcement in fulfillment of its obligation under Federal law to pursue child support. If there is an issue concerning the identity of the father, the time to resolve that issue is at the time of the filing of the paternity suit through DNA testing. Failure to request testing results in a permanent waiver of the right to question the paternity of the child in the future. Issues concerning custody, visitation, child support, health insurance for the minor child and the child’s surname are also resolved in connection with a paternity suit.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a Paternity case.

Custody Modifications

Child custody decisions and orders are entered by the court in connection with Divorce and Paternity cases. Frequently, one of the parties will seek to modify the court order for various reasons. Whether the order can or cannot be modified depends on the facts of each case.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with Custody Modification.

Child Support

Child support is ordered by the court in connection with Divorce and Paternity cases and is frequently modified with the passage of time. The amount required to be paid is a function of income and the proper application of the Arkansas Family Support Chart.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with Child Support Cases.


Failure to follow a court order in a domestic relations case can be contempt if such failure is willful and without excuse. Upon a finding of contempt, the court can punish an individual by assessing fines, ordering jail time or other penalties. Additionally, the court can and frequently does order the offender to pay some attorney’s fees and costs incurred by the other party.

Whether you are accused or need to pursue contempt against the other party, call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a contempt case.


A Decree of Adoption terminates the legal rights and obligations of the natural parent(s) and transfers them to the adoptive parent(s). The end result is that the adoptive parent is the parent of the child for all legal intents and purposes. Adoptions can occur under different circumstances. Common examples are when an unwed mother consents to the adoption by adoptive parents; when a step-parent adopts the child of a spouse; when an unwed custodial parent adopts his or her own child; and when an adult is adopted. Every adoption is fact driven and requirements can be different for each.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with an Adoption case.


A Guardianship authorizes an individual to have the care, custody and control over another person and, if necessary, such person’s financial affairs. By way of example, but not limitation, circumstances can require adults to have Guardianship of minor children; parents to have Guardianship of adult children; or adult children to have Guardianship of elderly or incapacitated parents. Sometimes the Arkansas Department of Human Services Initiates Guardianship cases involving elderly adults. Guardianships can be contested or uncontested.

Regardless of the situation, call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a Guardianship case.

Domestic Abuse Protective Order

Pursuant to the Domestic Abuse Act of 1991, a household or family member can file a petition for an Order of protection against another household or family member. This is usually done through the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in the county where the events are alleged to have occurred, but can be filed by private counsel. If a Circuit Court judge finds, based on the contents of the petition and supporting affidavit that the Petitioner is entitled to an Order of protection, a temporary Order gets entered which prohibits contact between the Respondent and the Petitioner and frequently any children or the parties, gives possession of the dwelling to Petitioner, prohibits the Respondent from possessing firearms and sets the case for a hearing. Once the temporary Order is served upon the Respondent, strict adherence to the Order is required. Failure to comply with the Order can result in criminal charges being filed against the Respondent. If the Order gets entered permanently on the day of the hearing, it can have serious ramifications relative to employment, purchase and possession of firearms, concealed carry license, background checks, and acquisition of homeland security documents. Every effort should be made to prevent a Permanent Order of Protection from being entered.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a Protective Order case.

Dept of Human Services Related Cases

Typically, DHS cases involve allegations of dependency neglect or abuse that result in children being removed from the home. When this occurs, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and extended family members of the children are all affected. Normally the children are placed in foster care initially and then decisions are made relative to custody shortly after removal. These cases can remain open for a long time and the goals of each case can change as time progresses. It is imperative for family members to be involved as soon as the case is opened.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a DHS case.

Child Maltreatment Appeals

When someone is accused of abuse or neglect of a child, the Crimes against Children Division of the Arkansas State Police often gets involved to investigate the allegations. Frequently allegations are made by mandated reporters or other individuals by making a report through the DHS Hotline. At the conclusion of the investigation, a finding of maltreatment may be made and the alleged offender’s name can be placed on the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Registry. Needless to say, this can have a detrimental impact. An alleged offender gets notice that such individual has thirty (30) days to appeal the determination or the name will be place on the registry. Failure to appeal within in the time frame is an absolute bar to contesting the determination in the future.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with Child Maltreatment Appeals.


For an adult 21 years of age or older, it is illegal to be in actual physical control of a motor vehicle if the individual is intoxicated or if the blood alcohol concentration of such individual is 0.08 or above. The same is true for individuals younger than 21, except that the threshold is lowered to 0.02 blood alcohol concentration. These laws apply to the boating environment as well. Once an individual is charged, the driver’s license can be suspended before there is a trial on the merits of the case. Each case is fact specific and law enforcement is required to follow specific DWI related protocol in order to prove the case.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a DWI case.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations on a driving record can result in increased insurance premiums and sometimes driver’s license suspension. It is advantageous to defend traffic violations in order to prevent them from tarnishing the driving record.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a Traffic case.

Criminal Defense Advice


1. If you have a law enforcement encounter, exercise your right to remain silent. It is your best defense. Your refusal to speak can never be used against you.

2. You have the right to an attorney. If you have a law enforcement encounter and you feel pressured to talk, exercise your right to have an attorney present. Do not speak unless you have a lawyer in the room with you.

Misdemeanor Crimes

Individuals who are accused of engaging in certain conduct are sometimes charged with one or more misdemeanor crimes. Misdemeanors range from Class A (up to 1 year in jail plus a maximum fine of $2500) to Class C (up to 30 days in jail plus a maximum fine of $500). Statutory law defines the offense and the classification of the offense. Unless properly dealt with, a misdemeanor charge can result in jail, fines, costs and a permanent criminal record.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a Misdemeanor case.

Felony Crimes

Individuals who are accused of engaging in certain conduct are sometimes charged with one or more felony crimes. Felonies range from Class D (0-6 years’ imprisonment plus a fine up to $10,000) and Class Y (10-40 years or life imprisonment plus a fine up to $15,000). Depending on the severity of the crime, an alternative sanction such as probation is a potential sentence as well. A felony conviction is a life changing event since it severely impedes employment opportunities eliminates voting rights, eliminates the right to bear arms as well as a host of other negative consequences. Every effort should be made to prevent a felony conviction. If that isn’t possible every effort should be made to minimize the impact of a felony conviction.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a Felony case.


In certain cases, the law authorizes the criminal record of an individual to be expunged/sealed and in some instances deleted entirely. Both Misdemeanor and Felony conviction records are collected by and maintained at the Arkansas Crime Information Center. This information may also be transmitted to the FBI as well. Generally speaking, expungement/sealing is authorized for most misdemeanor convictions. Whether a Felony can be expunged or deleted is determined at the time of sentencing.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with an Expungement case.

Personal Injury

People often get injured, through no fault of their own, by another party who is negligent. Examples include, but are not limited to, big truck and automobile collisions, motorcycle wrecks, being injured at a commercial establishment or even at someone’s home. Depending on the circumstances, the law may allow recovery of medical expenses, lost wages and provide compensation for pain, suffering and permanent disfigurement.

Call Keith Faulkner if you need assistance with a Personal Injury case.



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